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Data Collection and Integrated Improvement


This case study showcases how semiconductor factories enhance indoor air quality using continuous air monitoring technology and related products. By deploying iAeris2 air quality detectors and the Honeywell backend management system, manufacturers analyze real-time data, make informed decisions, and implement integrated improvements, ensuring consistently high air quality within the factory environment.


As corporate ESG awareness rises, semiconductor factories recognize the need for continuous air monitoring to safeguard employee health and safety. This solution utilizes real-time data analysis to trigger automated actions, such as issuing alerts and controlling ventilation and filtration systems, ensuring consistent high indoor air quality.


iAeris2 Air Quality Detector
  • Fixed-wall installations are conducted in the semiconductor plant's north, central, and south sections, with around 30 to 50 units installed per facility

  • Installed in 6 unmanned inspection vehicles at the factory

Install iAeris2 air quality detectors on-site at semiconductor factories. Leveraging the Dashboard data management system, factories effectively analyze and improve collected data.

Solution Deployment

iAeris2 Air Quality Detector
  • Approximately 30 to 50 units were fixed-wall installed in the semiconductor plant's northern, central, and southern areas
  • Additionally, around 6 units inside unmanned inspection vehicles at the factory.

Integrated System

  • Honeywell Backend Management System

This case study highlights how semiconductor factories use advanced technology to improve indoor air quality, ensuring employee health and safety. Through continuous monitoring and real-time data analysis, the plant enhances the working environment significantly


Real-time Air Quality Monitoring

iAeris2 provides continuous air quality monitoring, enabling customers to access real-time data 24/7. This minimizes the risk of data gaps during inspection periods.

Reliable data for Informed Decisions

iAeris2 offers trustworthy monitoring data, providing customers with a dependable foundation for making informed decisions. By minimizing the risk of false judgments and erroneous alert notifications due to inaccurate data, the system helps reduce subsequent handling costs and potential workforce fluctuations

Ensuring Data Integrity

Stable and reliable data transmission ensures no loss or gaps. iAeris2 devices have large memory capacity to store data during disruptions. Automatic retransmission upon restoration ensures data integrity

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