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IoT Controller

Sysinno, from the perspective of problem-solving, not only provides air quality detectors but also offers IoT controllers. These controllers can be integrated with backend environmental improvement systems, including ventilation System, air conditioning systems, and ERV, to achieve comprehensive environmental quality management and improvement.

Screenshot 2024-01-11 212251.png


IAQ IoT Controller

  • WiFi、RS485、Dry contact input x 2

  • RS485、Relay output terminal x 2

  • Terminal block

  • Connection status LED 

  • Relay LED

Screenshot 2024-01-11 214538.png


IAQ IoT Controller

  • WiFi, RS485, dry contact input x2

  • RS485, relay (Relay) output x6

  • Barrier terminal block

  • Connection Status Indicator

  • Relay indicator

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