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The Sysinno Technology Inc. was established in August 2012, mainly concentrate on providing various types of sensor-related product design, application and services. The team members have more than 20 years of experience, think the mini sensor technology will bring a great change in human daily life in the future. So we combine many kinds of miniature sensing elements, including physical, chemical, biological sensing factors, and introduce the appropriate mathematical algorithms to develop the smart, intelligent sensing products. Hoping to help people to achieve a intelligent, high-quality living environment.

In November 2019, Sysinno joined Innodisk Group, a global leader of industrial storage field, and became a subsidiary responsible for the environmental data collection of AIoT ecosystem.




• Sensor component mechanism design, system development

• Microprocessor hardware design, firmware development

• Wireless technology applications

• Software application development, user interface design

• Mechatronics, algorithm technology

• Cloud applications, IoT technology


2014/06  "Volatile organic compound detector"

2015/09  "Gas detection device"

2016/10  "Anti-demolition mechanism"

2016/12  "Air quality detector"

2017/07  "Indoor air quality detector"

2019/12  "Relay controller of air-conditioning system"

2021/11  "Air quality monitoring device"

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