Air Quality Monitor

Air, water and sunlight are the most important elements of life on Earth. "Breathe clean air" is the basic right of earth citizen. However, in recent years, with the rapid development of    industrialization, climate change abnormally and the emissions of various pollutants, which caused the air pollution is increasing rapidly. We can see the news frequently of the pollution of   various industrial toxic gases and the high concentration of atmospheric suspended particulate matter. The people who live in these areas not only suffer all kinds of air pollutants  but also lead to the occurrence of various diseases. The WHO clearly defines the fine    particulate matter PM2.5, formaldehyde and other air pollution indexes are the Group 1  Carcinogens. Therefore, in recent years, the issue of health hazards caused by poor air  quality have been noticed highly.


According to statistics, most of people stay at indoor environment (including in the home, office or other buildings) more than 20 hours per day. Especially in the last  20 years, the changes of life style, people already used to enjoy all kinds of air condition system to bring comfort and convenience in a closed living space or office space. But behind the convenience, "sick building syndrome" also came into being. Most people concerned about the situation of outdoor air pollution, but often ignored we stay indoors for a long time. "Indoor air quality" is also needs to pay more attention and to manage properly.

For this reason,  Sysinno is committed to the development of sensors and equipment can detect indoor air quality. We cooperated with electrical, materials, chemical, architecture and interior design experts and scholars, progressed many researches and design, to develop the most suitable indoor air quality detection equipment. Hoping to reduce the "sick building syndrome" for human health hazards and to establish the high quality indoor air quality and a safe and non-toxic indoor environment.


The latest generation of  "iAeris" indoor air quality monitors can effectively detect a variety of important indoor air quality factors, including particulate matter (PM10), fine particulate matter (PM2.5), total volatile organic compound (TVOC), carbon dioxide,       carbon monoxide, temperature, humidity, formaldehyde, to allow people to understand the air quality situation of the indoor environment. "iAeris" also can combine with air improvement system to help people to build a quality indoor air management system.