iAeris1 IAQ Detector

Azure Sphere
  • Regularly update the Azure Sphere OS to strengthen the device security protection

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud security protection

  • Integration to your platform on the Azure Cloud


iAeris1 IAQ Detector

  • Detect Index:Temperature, Relative Humidity,   PM10, PM2.5, CO2, CO, TVOC, Formaldehyde, Ozone

  • 7" TFT-LCD Touch Panel

  • WiFi、BLE4.0、RS485

  • Wall Mount / Stand alone

  • Dry Contact x 2

iAeris2 IAQ Detector

  • Detect Index:Temperature, Relative Humidity,   PM10, PM2.5, CO2, CO, TVOC, Formaldehyde, Ozone

  • WiFi、BLE4.0、RS485

  • DV 5V / 24V

  • Wall Mount

iAeris3 Outdoor Air Detector

  • Detect Index:Temperature, Relative Humidity, PM10, PM2.5, CO, TVOC, Ozone

  • NBIoT、4G、WiFi、RS485

  • AC 110V~220V

KR01 IAQ Relay Controller

  • Dry contact input x 1

  • Relay output terminal x 1

  • Relay LED

  • Terminal block 

KR02 IAQ IoT Controller

  • WiFi、RS485、Dry contact input x 2

  • RS485、Relay output terminal x 2

  • Terminal block

  • Connection status LED 

  • Relay LED

KH01 HDMI Controller

  • HDMI output screen

  • RS485 input, HDMI output

  • Display auto switch according to iAeris models.

  • Clear and beautiful

IAQ Multi-Media System 

  • Real time display

  • Multi media display

  • Data storage, downloadable

  • Suitable for halls and public spaces

KH02 HDMI Controller

  • HDMI output screen

  • WiFi input, HDMI output

  • Display auto switch according to iAeris models

  • Clear and beautiful

iCAP Dashboard System

截圖 2020-10-27 下午4.32.00.png
  • Real-time display

  • Multi-device management

  • Integrate all environmental information

  • Data storage, downloadable

  • Suitable for remotely monitoring in smart factories and offices

  • Your solution for Industry 4.0