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Clean Air for Green Architecture

Improving Air Quality with Sensors and Cloud Management for the Taiwanese Library

截圖 2020-08-26 下午4.43.01.png

This Taiwanese library was designed as a Green Building and the place is popular because of its quietness and comfortable atmosphere. The ideal reading environment the management team wants to achieve is not just a modern facility but also clean indoor air quality provided through state-of-the-art equipment.

Due to the natural surroundings of the building, it is a perfect place to demonstrate how to improve air quality integration. The Library has several air improvement systems from different suppliers, like air purifiers and air conditioner. However, the air quality was still not good enough which was the reason Sysinno and Innodisk were approached to provide a smarter and more efficient solution.


  • The number of visitors in the library changes daily 

  • The existing systems are different and operate independently 

  • Excessive construction and alterations are not allowed


  • Combination of sensors and integration to account for changing numbers of visitors 

  • Gather all devices under one platform for easier management and data collection 

  • Unobtrusive sensors installed with no impact on building design or architecture

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