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Sysinno Launches iAeris5, The World's 1st
Air Quality Sensor with HDMI Plug and Display

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Sysinno has officially launched iAeris 5 air quality sensor series, iAeris 5 equipped with intelligent plug and display functions, through HDMI connector and well-designed information signage. It presents the real-time detection value of indoor air quality and becomes an important information dashboard for air quality management and decision-making.


Taiwan EPA Encourage Private and Public Sectors to follow “Self-management” Guidance


According to Taiwan EPA (Environment Protection Administration), to encourage private and public sectors to create healthier environments, the "Indoor Air Quality Self-management Standard" was officially announced on July 2, 2021 ( The standard will be divided into two levels, if private and public sectors can achieve the guidance, who will be awarded extra points, extended testing frequency, save a lot of testing procedure and operation costs. To obtain the “Excellent Standard” logo, the Environmental Protection Agency encourages the installation of air quality monitoring facilities, which can continuously and automatically monitor and storage the air quality, it will be displayed at obvious entrances via electronic display by real-time, just like Sysinno-iAeris 5, which is equipped with intelligent plug and display functions, through HDMI high-quality display and well-designed information signage. iAeris 5 is specially designed for EPA “Self-management” guidance with monitoring and display purpose.

iAeris 5: Easy Installation as Public Display for 19 Private and Public Sectors Named by EPA


Taiwan EPA encouraged 19 private and public sectors to follow the “self-management” guidance include: Colleges and Universities, Libraries, Museums and Art Galleries, Medical Institutions, Social Welfare Institutions, Government Offices, Railway Stations, Airport, MRT Stations, Financial Institutions, Performance Halls, Exhibition Rooms, Movie Theaters, KTV, Shopping Malls, Sports and Fitness Center, Kindergartens, Maternity Centers, Baby Care Centers, etc. iAeris 5 is designed for above 19 private and public sectors for easy installation and smart display, with Intelligence of Things (IoT) mindset: streamlined data collection with artificial intelligence to interpret and optimize responses with minimal oversight. Sysinno’s proprietary sensor technology ensures the iAeris 5 supplies ultraprecise real-time data updated minute-by-minute basis for particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5), gasses, Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC), and other atmospheric readings.

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