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iAeris2 IAQ Detector

• Sensors can be customized based on customer requirements. Click "Datasheet" for more information.


Function Display Light

iAeris2 offers intuitive visual guidance through its display lights:

  1. Red Alert Light:iAeris2 promptly alerts when air quality exceeds standards, with customizable alerts for each factor based on environmental needs.

  2. Green Power Light: Indicates whether the device is operating normally at a glance.

  3. Blue Communication Light: Ensures seamless connection with other systems for smooth data transmission.


Red Light

Green Light​


Blue Light

Wall-mounted design: Compact and lightweight, easy to install.

Wall bracket: Easy installation.

screw hole spacing 8.5 cm.

  • iAeris2 comes with a free wall mount for easy hanging. It's designed to perfectly complement iAeris2, offering flexible installation options for various spaces. Made from high-quality materials, it ensures sturdy and durable support for your iAeris2.

Disassemble the latches

  • Use a small flat-head screwdriver to insert into the gap between the body and the wall mount bracket at the center. Insert upward to loosen the latches.

iAeris2 is a wall-mounted air quality detector, weighing just 210 grams, making it easy to install in any indoor space. It's compact and lightweight, blending seamlessly into your environment. Whether for homes, offices, or commercial spaces, iAeris2 provides reliable air quality monitoring with industrial-grade precision, measuring various pollutants and gas concentrations like TVOCs, PM2.5, CO2, and formaldehyde. It's essential for health-conscious families and businesses prioritizing workspace quality.

Communication Interface

The communication interface features RS485 terminals and optional wireless WiFi (optional) and Bluetooth BLE4.0 (optional), supporting multiple data transmission modes.

Untitled design_edited.png

Back View

​Micro USB Power port

Power Input: 12V-24V Positive

​Power Input: 12V-24V Negative)

Communication Port: RS485 (A+)

Communication Port: RS485 (B-)

Wall Mount Installation Holes

Disassemble wall mount bracke

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