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• Sensors can be customized based on customer requirements. Click "Datasheet" for more information.


iAeris3 Outdoor Air Quality Detector

Professional chassis structural design

The iAeris3 outdoor air quality detector stands out for its professional chassis design, ensuring excellent performance and stability. Here are its key advantages:

  1. Airflow induction design: iAeris3's chassis structure is tailored for outdoor environments, featuring precise airflow induction. This allows active intake of surrounding air, ensuring effective gas mixing for enhanced air quality sensitivity.

  2. Stable operation: The robust chassis design ensures stability, with UV-resistant materials preventing color fading. It withstands outdoor challenges like wind, rain, and UV rays, ensuring normal operation in any weather.

  3. Strong adaptability: iAeris3's chassis design suits diverse outdoor settings, ensuring accurate air quality data in urban, rural, or high-altitude environments.

iAeris_Front (2)_edited.png

Hanging lock hole

Outdoor installation accessories

The iAeris3 outdoor air quality detector is designed to withstand extreme outdoor environments. We offer flexible installation options to meet various needs.

Mounting bracket & stainless straps

  • Pole and lamp post mounting bracket:iAeris3 can be easily installed on poles or lamp posts. This method not only saves space but also enhances the visibility of the detector. Easy installation ensures the detector is at an optimal height, contributing to more accurate air quality data.

  • Stainless steel straps::Used to securely fasten the detector to fixed objects such as trees, railings, or other structures. Stainless steel straps provide robust fastening capability, ensuring the detector remains stable and reliable even in adverse weather conditions.

Hinged design and waterproof sealing strip

For increased convenience during installation and maintenance, the iAeris3 outdoor air quality detector features a hinged body design with waterproof sealing strips around the cover edges.

Hinged cover with waterproof seal

  • Hinged design:iAeris3 features a user-friendly hinged body, allowing easy access for internal inspection, maintenance, and replacement. This design streamlines construction and maintenance, reducing unnecessary hassle.

  • Waterproof seal protection:We've equipped the perimeter of the cover with waterproof sealing strips to ensure the internal components remain waterproof. Even in humid outdoor environments, these strips effectively prevent rainwater or moisture from entering the machine, ensuring stable operation and durability.

iAeris 3 wall mount.png

Wall-mounted (optional)

  • Wall-mounting bracket:iAeris3 can also be wall-mounted. Once the position is determined, use M4 screws (or nails) to securely fasten the bracket to the wall. There are four mounting brackets, two on each side, which can be adjusted vertically or horizontally depending on the site conditions.

iAeris3 Other features

  • Sensor calibration: Each sensor module is equipped with calibration functionality, ensuring accurate measurements for each sensor factor.

  • Diverse communication interfaces: Supports RS485 terminal, optional wireless WiFi, NB-IoT, and 4G modules, providing flexible connectivity to various data collection and transmission platforms.

  • Support for multiple transmission modes: Compatible with Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP, HTTP, MQTT, and other data transmission modes, enabling seamless integration with monitoring systems and platforms.

  • Data storage and analysis: Built-in memory for real-time data storage, allowing users to easily download, analyze, and save test records through software or cloud platforms.

  • Modular sensor design: Modular sensor design allows for independent sensor modules for different detection factors, providing higher accuracy and easy expansion of detection capabilities as needed.

  • EPA certification: Certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for PM2.5 standards, ensuring compliance with environmental standards and data reliability.

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