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iAeris5 IAQ Detector

• Sensors can be customized based on customer requirements. Click "Datasheet" for more information.

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Plug & Play, HDMI display interface

iAeris5 is the world's first smart air quality detection player with a display terminal for instant monitoring

Plug and Play:no professional installation or technical background required. Just plug it in, connect the HDMI cable, and view real-time air quality data on the screen, meeting environmental standards.

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Indicator Light

iAeris5 Side View

Display screen

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Built-in IAQ multimedia playback software

Customizable screen

Screen display





  • iAeris5 takes brand image into consideration by offering customizable screens through IAQ playback software. Users can incorporate corporate trademarks, titles, and backgrounds.

Multimedia playback

Multimedia screen display
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Multimedia [1]

​Subtitle Marquee [ 3]

Illustrations[ 4 ]

Air Quality Info.  [2]

[1] In the multimedia options, you can choose to play local media or YouTube.

[2] Instantly broadcast air quality information.

[3]You can choose to enable subtitle marquee and input your desired phrases and delay time.

[4] You can select prepared images for use as illustrations.

iAeris5 is more than just an excellent indoor air quality detector—it also includes built-in IAQ multimedia playback software. It displays real-time air quality values and plays videos and slideshows on the screen. Ideal for lobbies, offices, and public spaces, it provides users with immediate indoor environmental information and interactive educational features.

Wall-mounted design

The iAeris5 air quality detector's wall-mounted design is ideal for offices, lobbies, or public spaces, offering space-saving convenience and a tidy atmosphere.


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Back View

Wall-mount screw fixation holes

  • iAeris5 includes wall-mount screws and an installation diagram for convenient setup.

Communication Interface

iAeris5: Air quality detector with multiple communication interfaces, cloud data upload, and integration with HVAC systems.

Communication Interface

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Dry Contact

Communication RS485



Multi-function button

  • Features WiFi, Ethernet, and RS485 interfaces for easy data collection and cloud storage

  • Also includes three dry contacts for integrating with HVAC systems for real-time air quality improvement and energy efficiency.

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