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iAeris7 IAQ Detector

• Sensors can be customized based on customer requirements. Click "Datasheet" for more information.

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2.23-inch display screen

The iAeris7 air quality detector features a 2.23-inch display screen, allowing you to monitor the device's operation status and receive real-time alerts indicating whether the current air quality exceeds standards.

  1. Standby Screen: Displays hotspot mode symbol, WiFi connection status indicator, and air quality indicator.

  2. Air Quality Screen: Automatically displays current air pollutant levels for comprehensive indoor air quality information. Alerts users if air quality exceeds standards.

  3. Time Screen: Displays device date and time.

  4. Product Information Screen:Shows relevant product information such as device serial number and software version.

  5. Device Status Screen: Displays device status, such as WiFi connection status.

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​Standby Screen

Air Quality

Time Screen

Product Info.

Device Status

iAeris7 aids in building standard certification

iAeris7 offers superior functionality and sleek design, tailored for indoor settings. It supports building sustainability and occupants' health, achieving certifications like RESET, LEED, and WELL.

Dual-purpose design flexibility

 Mountable or Recessed

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Air vents 


  • iAeris7 offers flexible mounting options: wall-mounting or wall embedding. Ensure ventilation holes are unobstructed during installation.

Desktop - Optional Stand

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  • For users who prefer desktop placement, iAeris7 provides a specially designed stand, allowing it to become an elegant decoration on the desk, blending seamlessly into the home environment.

Control interface

The control interface provides RS485 A+, B-, or dry contact NO, COM. The product is factory-set to RS485 or dry contact based on customer requirements.

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24VDC positive

24VDC negative

RS485 A(+)

or (dry contact NO)

RS485 B(-)

or (dry contact  COM)

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