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iAeris on ICONICS platform

We are excited to share some awesome news with you, iAeris is connected to ICONICS’ platform which is based on Microsoft IoT Hub.

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iAeris Outdoor solution with Lufft wind sensor

Aeris outdoor air quality detector with the ultrasonic wind sensor from Lufft, apart from gases and environmental conditions, it presents additional two parameters.


How to determine the surrounding air quality?

iAeris air quality detector integrate the broadcast software and together with the HDMI dongle KH01, it’s easy for you to monitor the surrounding air quality.


Hitma - Our New Partner in Europe

We are pleased to share this exciting news with you, we have a new partner in the Netherlands. HITMA Instrumentatie will take care of the BENELUX region.


Why air quality is important in schools ?

Sysinno participates many campus air quality improvement projects, using iAeris link to improve equipment, and ensuring a healthy environment for children.


iAeris series is on multiple clouds

In addition to iAeris own cloud, Sysinno has been working closely with several leading public cloud service providers. Including Microsoft Azure, Avnet and ASUS, etc.


Air pollution during cooking

You might never notice air pollutants can be found in the kitchen. The carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and particles concentration increase during cooking.

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WHO: Breathe Life – Clean Air, Healthy Future

The WHO has strengthened air quality guidelines and stated air pollution is one of the greatest environmental threats to human health, causing 7 million deaths each year.

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iAeris is your epidemic and outbreak management solution

Microsoft launched its Azure Cloud solutions at loT in Action in Nürnberg, Germany , iAeris is honoured to be one of the devices which has been demonstrated.

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Innodisk Group Strengthens AIoT Vision with Sysinno Acquisition

The acquisition strengthens Innodisk Group’s ambition to bring the future of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (AIoT) to customers around the world.  

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AVNET IoTConnect Platform Device Certification Program

Sysinno integrated Microsoft Azure Sphere MCU, which emphasizes device security, on iAeris devices. It had recently obtained AVNET platform certification.

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The consistency of the iAeris is excellent, and can be found in many special application fields, such as MRT, operating rooms and professional inspection companies.


Smart city innovation

iAeris outdoor detector is certified by Taiwanese EPA and participated in several tender projects, can be used in a wide temperature range, difficult environment. 


Global government procurement projects

Sysinno has collaborations with government agencies in Taiwan for several projects, thus it’s our honor to be a part of this program.


Smart agriculture

Farmers need to seek for more efficient methods to grow crops. It is nice that there are many innovative technologies that can help with it including IoT solutions. 


Health effect of air pollution on chronic diseases

Air pollution is certainly one of the reasons that occurs pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases. 

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