Smart city innovation


Summer is here and the coronavirus pandemic seems to slow down. 

Even if there are new confirmed cases every day and the social distancing rules still apply, we can enjoy life a bit now. 2020 is definitely a very special year to all of us, nevertheless Sysinno is always you and we hope the economy and the environment will be better in the second half of the year. Outdoor activities started to increase again, and public transportations went back to the regular schedule since the lockdowns were lifted by different stages; what we are worried about is that the air quality will not be as good as before. 


Smart city has been a popular topic recently, especially in Asia Pacific; basically it is because of the bad traffic. The main outdoor air pollution is divided into two parts: one is on road including vehicles, motorcycles and public transportation including buses and trams; the other one is nonroad from aircrafts, marine engines, diesel equipment and many more.(*1) The above human activities produce nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide which have dangerous effect on human’s health. Furthermore, fine particulate matter (PM2.5) is concerned as an invisible killer, many studies have shown the evidence that PM2.5 is linked to several chronic diseases and cancers(*2). Worldwide, ambient air pollution was responsible for 4.2 million deaths and keeps increasing(*3); therefore, more and more countries have started to monitor outdoor air quality combined with smart city projects.

Smart streetlights are one of the vital assets of smart cities. Having them installed around cities does not only make every citizen feel safer and more secure, they can also be used to mount air quality detectors, surveillance cameras and network communication equipment. Smart city projects often create and provide multiple services.


The environment experts can have the data analysed from continuous and long-term measurements of urban air quality; therefore, they can firstly understand the most severe contaminated area and then draw up improvement plans. Besides, this information usually goes to governments’ open data platforms, which is easy for citizens to access and understand the air quality pollution level around their living places.

iAeris outdoor air quality detector is certified by Taiwanese EPA and has participated in several tender projects. It can be used in a wide temperature range and difficult environment. Contact Sysinno if you are interested in more information on the tender projects or you are looking for adding value in your solutions to benefit your customers.


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