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Streamlining Integration: Sysinno offers a complete air quality solution for integrators

Sysinno's iAeris series air quality detectors are applied across various industries, and we are committed to offering complete integration solutions. Through flexible and easily integrated technology, Sysinno connects the needs of diverse sectors, paving the way for a seamless integration world.

Environmental Data Collection and Display:

Firstly, Sysinno's iAeris series air quality detectors collect relevant environmental information. These detectors not only provide environmental data but also display this data in data management systems or broadcasting systems. Additionally, Sysinno's air quality detectors themselves have information display capabilities, enabling you to view data directly on the screen.

Support for Multiple Cloud Platforms:

On our cloud management platform, Sysinno's iAeris series air quality detectors support various data transmission methods. This enables effortless data upload to different cloud platforms, whether public or private. You can choose from platforms such as Microsoft Azure, ASUS Omnicare, Sharp Cocoro, or utilize our proprietary Sysinno cloud management platform. Enterprises also have the option to connect to their private cloud platforms.

IoT Controllers for Environmental Equipment Integration:

Furthermore, through Sysinno's IoT controllers, you can connect and control backend environmental control equipment, such as air purifiers, ventilation fans, air conditioning, or dehumidifiers. Our IoT controllers support multiple connectivity methods, including wireless networks, dry contacts, relays, and RS485 communication interfaces. This means that regardless of the connectivity method your environmental control equipment uses, Sysinno's IoT controllers can seamlessly interface with them.

In the world of system integration, Sysinno offers a comprehensive solution for various entities, including front-end smart building system integrators, smart home integrators, AIoT integrators, and environmental control system manufacturers. Sysinno provides flexible and easily integratable products that perfectly meet your needs. We understand your business and offer comprehensive support.


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