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Sysinno's Innovation Powers Smart Poles for Future Smart Cities

Mr. Andy Chen, Executive Assistant to the General Manager of Sysinno Technology, introduces the application of iAeris3 on smart poles on-site.

In recent years, Taiwan has actively promoted the development of 5G smart poles. Since the introduction of 5G smart pole standards by the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Industrial Development Bureau in June of the 111th year, the industry's localization and application development have accelerated. This year, through the cross-industry integration of system integrators, information and communication technology industries, and smart pole design and manufacturing industries, Taiwan successfully established the first 5G smart pole implementation and commercial service verification demonstration site following national standards. At the "5G Smart Pole Industry Chain Forum" on December 25th, over a hundred representatives from domestic industries, government, and public associations gathered to witness Taiwan's new initiative centered around 5G smart poles for transforming urban infrastructure.

To commercialize 5G smart utility poles, industries must undergo vertical integration, incorporating various functions such as lighting, environmental detection, video surveillance, networking, electronic billboards, and charging stations into a single 5G smart utility pole. This all-in-one characteristic not only enhances the efficiency of urban infrastructure but also creates endless possibilities for Taiwan's industrial chain.

The 5G smart pole is seen as an opportunity to integrate the expertise of various Taiwanese companies in different fields. At the "5G Smart Pole Industry Chain Forum," a variety of innovative applications were showcased, including all-in-one 5G smart poles, smart shared pole energy management systems, AI smart monitoring systems, antenna solutions, 5G enterprise private networks, outdoor advertising display, outdoor air quality detectors, and more. Among them, Sysinno's iAeris3, an outdoor air quality detector, became a key function of the smart pole. It is responsible for real-time monitoring of outdoor air quality, providing reliable detection data that not only improves the quality of life for city residents but also enables quick responses to environmental changes, ensuring public health.

This outdoor air quality detection technology on smart utility poles not only allows city residents to monitor environmental conditions at any time but also holds the potential to become a crucial tool for the future sustainable development of cities, helping to create a greener and smarter urban future.


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