iAeris Outdoor solution

with Lufft wind sensor


Successful case


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Clean Air for

Green Architecture

Improving Air Quality with Sensors and Cloud Management for the Taiwanese Library

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airport metro

The improvement of bad smell in the cars of the airport metro

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Harbour Park

Outdoor and indoor air quality sensors integration to collect environmental data for analytics propose

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About iAeris

Air, water and sunlight are the most important elements of life on Earth. "Breathe clean air" is the basic right of earth citizen. However, in recent years, with the rapid development of industrialization, climate change abnormally and the emissions of various pollutants, which caused the air pollution is increasing rapidly. We can see the news frequently of the pollution of various industrial toxic gases and the high concentration of atmospheric suspended particulate matter. The people who live in these areas not only suffer all kinds of air pollutants but also lead to the occurrence of various diseases. The WHO clearly defines the fine particulate matter PM2.5, formaldehyde and other air pollution indexes are the Group 1 Carcinogens........