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Creating a Green and Comfortable Environment: Innovative Collaboration in Hamasen Harbor Park

As a leading systems and services provider in the industry, Sysinno, in collaboration with the local government, has embarked on a noteworthy partnership in Hamasen Harbor Park. The goal of this project is to monitor the environmental and indoor air quality around the port area and neighboring elementary schools, followed by in-depth data analysis. Additionally, within the school classrooms, air quality sensors are integrated with air improvement equipment through the KR02 system, enabling real-time enhancements via wireless remote control.

Challenges Faced

While addressing air quality concerns, this collaboration encounters a range of challenges:

  • Equipment data security: Managing large volumes of data requires ensuring data security, especially when dealing with data involving personal privacy.

  • Consistency between outdoor and indoor equipment: The port area and school environments differ, but equipment consistency and data accuracy must be maintained.

  • Real-time data processing capability: The ability to process data in real time is crucial, particularly when swift adjustments to improvement equipment are needed.


To overcome these challenges, a series of advanced solutions were chosen to facilitate the smooth progression of the entire project:

  • iAeris Outdoor and Indoor Air Quality Sensors: The iAeris series of indoor and outdoor sensors were employed to monitor air quality conditions both indoors and outdoors. These sensors measure indicators such as temperature, humidity, CO2, PM2.5, and total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs).

  • KR02 Controller: The KR02 controller was utilized to connect air quality sensors with air improvement equipment. This linkage enables wireless remote control, facilitating real-time adjustments to equipment operations.

  • Data Analysis and Prediction: By analyzing the collected indoor and outdoor air quality data, they can discern environmental changes and predict when air improvement equipment should be activated. This proactive approach ensures that the environment remains in a favorable state.

This collaboration has yielded significant results in improving environmental quality. By integrating advanced sensing technology, data analysis, and remote control capabilities, Hamasen Harbor Park not only achieves its environmental monitoring objectives but also creates a more comfortable learning environment for the elementary schools. This endeavor also highlights the indispensable role of technology in constructing greener and more comfortable urban living spaces.

If you have any inquiries or require further consultation regarding air quality solutions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are more than willing to provide professional assistance and advice.


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