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iAeris7 IAQ Detector

  • 2.23-inch display screen

  • Aids in building standard certification

  • ​Mountable / Desktop dual designs 

關於iAeris - 偵測多種重要空氣品質因子

About iAeris

The "iAeris" air quality detector can effectively detect a variety of important air quality factors, including PM2.5, PM10, TVOC, CO2, CO, HCHO, O3, NO2, SO2, NH3 temperature, humidity, to allow people to understand the air quality situation.

iAeris 空品偵測器展現卓越的強韌性


Experience resilience with the "iAeris" air quality detector, providing accurate and reliable insights in harsh environments. From mushroom cultivation to livestock farming, trust iAeris for essential air quality information.

Sysinno - Your Smart Air Quality Integrated Solution

At Sysinno, we specialize in smart air quality solutions. Our services include:

  • Environmental Data Collection and Display

We collect and present environmental data for better system management​

  • Support for Multiple Cloud Platforms

Ensuring the security of your data and flexible options of data transmission

  • Seamless IoT Control Integration

Automate and control environmental devices effortlessly


Whether you are a front-end smart building system integration provider, a smart home integration company, an AIoT integration firm, or an environmental control system manufacturer, our flexible and easy-to-integrate products perfectly meet your needs. We understand your business and provide comprehensive support. Let's work together to create a smarter and more eco-friendly future!

Field Applications
維新應用科技iAeris 空品偵測器應用在智慧城市


Smart City

維新應用科技iAeris 空品偵測器應用在智慧工廠


Smart Factory

維新應用科技iAeris 空品偵測器應用在智慧空間

​Smart Space

維新應用科技iAeris 空品偵測器應用在智慧農業


Smart Agriculture

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