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How to Ensure the Accuracy of Air Quality Detectors? 8 Key Aspects of Sysinno

Creating an air sensor poses numerous challenges, and accuracy is paramount. If reliable data isn't obtained initially, subsequent data collection, analysis, and environmental improvements are meaningless. Therefore, Sysinno sets high standards for product accuracy, dedicating significant effort to ensure precision. We cover eight crucial aspects:

  1. Noise-resistant Signal Processing

  2. Airflow Mechanical Design

  3. Independent Sensor Algorithm Design

  4. Isolated Sensor Modules

  5. Calibration of Sensor Modules Based on Varying Concentrations, Temperatures, and Humidity

  6. Manufacturing on Qualified Industrial Production Lines

  7. Artificial Intelligence Calibration Based on Usage

  8. Obtaining Certifications from Industrial Technology Research Institute and Third Parties

This video, explaining how Innovative Application Technology achieves product precision. Don't miss this exciting content!


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