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iAeris Air Quality Detector

Sunlight, air, and water are the crucial three elements that constitute life on Earth, and breathing clean and fresh air is a fundamental right that people should have. However, with the rapid development of industrialization, abnormal climate changes, and emissions from various sources of pollution in recent years, air pollution has become increasingly severe. News about pollution from various industrial toxic gases and a significant increase in particulate matter concentration is not uncommon. This has led to the suffering of people living in such areas from various types of air pollutants, indirectly causing various diseases. The World Health Organization (WHO) has clearly defined PM2.5 fine particulate matter, formaldehyde, and other air pollution indicators as Class 1 carcinogens. Therefore, in recent years, the health hazards caused by poor air quality have been increasingly recognized by the public and governments.

Statistics show that each person spends about 80-90% of their time indoors every day (including at home, offices, or other buildings). Especially in the past two or three decades, changes in lifestyle have led people to become accustomed to enjoying the comfort and convenience brought by various air conditioning systems in enclosed living or office spaces. However, behind this convenience, the phenomenon of "sick building syndrome" has emerged. While most people are concerned about outdoor air pollution, they often overlook the fact that we spend a long time indoors. Indoor air quality also requires careful attention and proper management.

For this reason, our company is currently dedicated to developing sensors and equipment capable of detecting indoor air quality. We collaborate with experts and scholars from various fields such as electrical engineering, materials science, chemical engineering, architecture, and interior design, to conduct joint research and product application of various physical and chemical sensors. Through this collaboration, we aim to develop the most suitable indoor air quality detection instruments. Our goal is to reduce the health risks posed by "sick building syndrome," establish high-quality indoor air quality, and assist modern individuals who prioritize "wellness" and "health" in creating a safe and toxin-free indoor environment.

After years of development and effort in the field of indoor air quality, Sysinno Technology introduces the latest generation "iAeris" indoor air quality detector. This device effectively detects various essential indoor air quality factors, including particulate matter (PM10), fine particulate matter (PM2.5), total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, temperature, humidity, and formaldehyde. It allows individuals to instantly understand the air quality of their indoor environment. In addition to directly observing values and operations through the LCD screen, it can also utilize a cloud data center to monitor current air quality values, display historical data curves, and store data for generating management reports. "iAeris" can also integrate with air quality improvement equipment, assisting people in establishing a high-quality indoor air management system.


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