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iAeris is your epidemic and outbreak management solution

The COVID-19 outbreak is hitting the healthy and economic environment all over the world recently, Sysinno hopes all is well with your family and friends. Sysinno has been working on the device security recently and has some significant development. We now have a new model with Azure Sphere certified MCU inside, so we can protect the device better.

Microsoft launched its Azure Cloud and solutions at loT in Action in Nürnberg, Germany at the end of February, iAeris air quality detector is honoured to be one of the devices which has been demonstrated.

iAeris air quality detector is designed for professional use including hospitals, commercial buildings, the public sector, smart retail stores, factories and enterprises.

With Azure Sphere inside, the security of your loT solution is completed upgraded. In this way, no matter which cloud you go for, either your private cloud or the public cloud, Sysinno has added a lock on the device. Please kindly contact us at for more information.

If you are the existing Azure Cloud user, it will be very easy to integrate the information from iAeris air quality detector to your own accounts. Sysinno provides API protocol for its customers. If you are an IoT solution provider who is looking for an integration of more devices, we are open for discussions. please feel free to share your concerns about the air quality displaying, recording and improvement.

Let' s find some opportunities to cooperate together to make the living environment better, smarter and nicer.


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