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iAeris series is on multiple clouds

Sensors for air quality monitoring are increasingly attracting attention due to a growing awareness of the importance of air quality in connection to environment, society, and economy, especially during and after the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, remotely monitoring has become even more important to enterprises and the public sector. And so, the device and data security are being seriously concerned. More and more companies are developing their own cloud services to provide the customers more options. iAeris series is on the trend since data collection is always the first step of any AIoT solution. On top of our own platform, Sysinno has been working closely with several leading public cloud service providers to have iAeris air quality detectors connected to their platforms. If you already use our partners’ services including Microsoft, Avnet and ASUS, and want to add more functions by monitoring and remotely controlling the indoor air quality in the offices, clean rooms, factories and warehouses to ensure the producing lines are working perfectly without any toxic gases leaking and the employees are working in a safe working environment. It will be Sysinno’s pleasure to discuss with you and share more details about how and what we can support you.

n the meanwhile, we are looking for more partners of cloud service providers and server storage manufacturers. We have a complete communication protocol including HTTP, MQTT, JSON, Modbus and NTP through both wired and wireless. If you are looking for intelligent devices connecting to your platform, you are definitely the partner we are looking for!


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