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Matured AI Technology Accelerates the Implementation of IoT Smart Applications

IoT Innovation and Evolving AI "Innovation Day Forum"

Recently, Innodisk Inc. held the "IoT Innovation and Evolving AI Innovation Day Forum," inviting both domestic and international heavyweight partners and group members to delve into the key trends in the AI industry. The event showcased various solutions, development tools, and application cases. With the support of high-speed, low-power industrial computers, emerging technologies such as 5G, AI, and IoT have been rapidly advancing. Various creative and practical applications have been developed. However, the massive amount of data generated from smart features presents challenges to the efficiency of AIoT systems. The forum invited group members and prominent partners from around the world to share trends, solutions, development tools, and numerous application cases in the AI industry. Sysinno was invited to give a presentation titled "Ubiquitous Gas Sensing Opportunities."

Innovation in applications was showcased, demonstrating the limitless imaginative potential of AI.

As health awareness rises, AI technology has also been applied to air quality monitoring. During the presentation on "Ubiquitous Gas Sensing Opportunities," Lin Chun-Hui, General Manager of Sysinno, mentioned that gas sensing technology spans diverse domains, whether it's living spaces, work environments, industrial settings, or agriculture. He further noted that while the practice of capturing gas data through sensing technology has been around for a while, the challenge lies in ensuring accuracy and reliability due to the outdoor environment's potential interferences where most gas sensing devices are placed.

From left to right: Wu Chih-Ching, Director of Intelligent Peripheral Applications Div. of Innodisk ;、Chang Yun-Yang, Deputy Director of IoT Business Unit of ASUS; Shih Ching-Hsiu, IoT platform Application of Intel IoT Group; Lin Jing-Tsu, Deputy General Manager of NVIDIA Taiwan; Jian Chuan-Sheng, Chairman of Innodisk., Lo Chih-Jung, General Manager of Aetina; Wei Ting_Huang, CEO of Antzer; Lin Chun-Hui, General Manager of Sysinno; Lin Chih-Min, General Manager of Millitronic

Sensor design prioritizes accuracy

Sysinno starts from algorithm development in the design phase to quality control in production and calibration. Apart from self-developed technology, cross-domain collaborations are pursued, such as leveraging Microsoft's Azure Sphere for cloud platforms and integrating iCAP from parent company Advantech International for equipment management. This creates an AI gas sensing system that combines image, noise, weather, and other data, enhancing the precision and efficiency of air quality improvement. In conclusion, Jian Chuan-Sheng summarized expert perspectives, noting that AI will be a driving force in human society's development. Advantech International will continue focusing on this field, building an "More Than Difference" AI business framework through collaboration and realizing the brand vision of "Building an Intelligent World."


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