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Sysinno:The Early Years of Tsinghua University's Incubation Center a Decade Ago


While reviewing the historical archives of Sysinno, I came across this photo. In the picture, a group of colleagues with engineering backgrounds had just stationed themselves at Tsinghua University's Innovation and Incubation Center. Although I, the editor, had not yet joined the Sysinno team at that time, the photo vividly brought me back to the passionate times of 2012. With the approval of General Manager Lin, more than a decade since Sysinno's establishment, as the year-end approaches, I wanted to revisit those moments and write this article.


Taken 11 years ago, the photo shows people who seem unchanged, perhaps due to good air quality in the lab. Supported by records, it's a genuine account from 11 years ago, no deception here

General Manager Lin mentioned that this group of entrepreneurial partners, with years of experience at the Industrial Technology Research Institute and Foxconn Technology Group, not only possesses a wide range of expertise but also excels in integrating electronics, software, and algorithms. They are not just friends and colleagues but partners who inspire each other's creativity. In this way, a group with a background in electronics has planted the seeds of future hope in this land of technology.

Driven by a passion for technological development and product design, and spurred by the increasing health risks of poor indoor air quality, a dream began to take shape in everyone's hearts: to develop an indoor air quality detector. This dream has now become a reality with the establishment of Sysinno Technology Inc., dedicated to innovating and addressing the challenges of indoor air quality.

This chapter of history is vividly portrayed in the photos. Through countless efforts, Sysinno Technology has successfully developed this inspiring air quality detector.

During this period, Sysinno Technology also secured the highest grant from the Hsinchu City Government's SBIR program. Besides assisting in the development of new products, this funding enables preliminary industry-academic collaboration with schools. In the course of project execution, Sysinno Technology was selected as a 'Highlighted Company,' participating in the city government's press conference. For a startup team, this recognition serves as a significant encouragement and affirmation!"

Now, more than a decade later, looking back at the initial years of struggle is truly unbelievable. However, the passion that fueled everyone during the startup days has not faded away. Sysinno Technology continues to uphold a love for the environment, remaining dedicated to the development of industrial-grade air quality detectors.

The collective effort is not just for technological advancement but also to contribute to the environment. This initial commitment propels the team to continue refining their skills, consistently tackling new challenges. Sysinno Technology's detectors are not only present in major hospitals, large shopping malls, department stores, libraries, offices, and homes both domestically and internationally, but they also provide various solutions in smart agriculture and government agencies. Whether indoor or outdoor units, they persistently contribute their expertise to the progress of society.

Throughout the journey, filled with hardships, we never forget our original aspirations. It is this commitment that has allowed Sysinno Technology to find its place amidst waves of technological advancements, making us guardians of environmental protection. Perhaps, it is this initial dedication that imbues Sysinno Technology's journey with not only continuous technological progress but also with emotion and deep sentiment.

This chapter of history is not just the development of a company but the realization of a dream. In this era of rapid technological advancement, let us together experience the journey of Sysinno Technology's struggles, keeping this original aspiration burning bright.


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