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Sysinno : Pioneering Smart Environmental Management

In the midst of growing concern for environmental protection and sustainable development, the detection and management of environmental data have become crucial. To assist you in achieving intelligent and sustainable environmental management, we are proud to ce a range of products and solutions tailored to environmental data detection. Whether you are in an enterprise, shopping mall, school, hospital, public transportation, factory, or urban setting, our technology can provide comprehensive support for your needs.

Diverse Products, Comprehensive Solutions

Our product line encompasses indoor air quality detectors, outdoor environmental monitoring equipment, and IoT controllers, offering you a wide array of choices. These products not only assist you in real-time environmental monitoring but also enable instant adjustments to the environment through smart control systems.

  • Indoor Air Quality Detector: Our indoor air quality detector can monitor key indicators such as temperature, humidity, CO2, PM2.5, and more, helping you ensure a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

  • Outdoor Environmental Monitoring Equipment: The quality of the outdoor environment is equally important. Our outdoor monitoring equipment can track air quality, weather changes, and more, providing you with comprehensive environmental data.

  • IoT Controller: With our IoT controller, you can easily monitor and control various environmental devices, achieving intelligent adjustments and management.

Cloud Management Software, Real-Time Data Access:

Our solution not only includes hardware devices but also features robust cloud management software. This means you can access and analyze data anytime, anywhere, obtaining real-time monitoring reports. This enables you to gain a more accurate understanding of environmental changes and make swift adjustments and decisions.

Collaborate to Create a Green Future:

No matter where you are, our solutions can be widely applied. Whether it's for businesses, malls, schools, hospitals, public transportation, factories, or cities, we have the right solution for you. Let's work together, driven by data, to build a greener and more comfortable future. Whether you want to improve indoor air quality, monitor outdoor environments, or achieve intelligent control, Sysinno can provide you with a comprehensive solution. Let's join forces and contribute our part to environmental protection for our planet!


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