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Sysinno partners with household appliance leader Sharp to launch PureBreath+

Sysinno showcased its next-generation AIoT smart air purification system in collaboration with international household appliance provider Sharp during a product briefing on April 20, 2022.

This system integrates air detection and purification functions with advanced software and hardware integration. It's poised to become a benchmark product for precise air detection, purification, and disease prevention in large spaces. Initial applications target commercial markets and IoT sectors like smart factories, healthcare, malls, and offices, aiming to comprehensively control air quality in future living and working spaces and take the first step towards smart city realization.

Expanding Patent Air Detection Technology Application:

Sysinno's patented air quality detection technology, with multiple international certifications and market adoption, features innovative sensors ensuring accurate readings with rapid recording and analysis. Operating at a minute-by-minute update frequency, it analyzes airborne particles (PM10 and PM2.5), harmful gases, total volatile organic compounds, and other atmospheric parameters. Its flagship product, iAeris, embodies AIoT principles, delivering precise algorithms, simplified data collection, and 360-degree integration to effectively address air quality concerns and optimize resource allocation at the system level.

Japanese Certification Validates Epidemic Prevention Effect, Strong Collaboration Sets New Market Standard

From air detection to active air purification, Sysinno has actively promoted its high-precision air detection technology in recent years. Collaborating with international household appliance leader Sharp, the partnership combines Sharp's Plasmacluster automatic sterilizing ion technology. This dual-integration approach will be paired with Sharp's AIoT smart air purifiers, which have gained widespread adoption in Japan. Proven to inhibit the novel coronavirus by 99.4%, the automatic sterilizing ion technology is highly anticipated in the market.


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