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The "2023 National Environmental Incident Seminar"

Minister Xue Fusheng of the Ministry of the Environment visited the exhibition booth.

In the era of flourishing technology and chemical industry in Taiwan, the use of chemicals continues to expand, bringing along the risks of chemical accidents. With approximately 400 environmental incidents occurring annually in the country, there is an urgent need to enhance the preventive management and response capabilities of disaster prevention and rescue units, as well as chemical operators.

In response to this demand, the Ministry of the Environment organized the "2023 National Environmental Incident Seminar" from November 14th to 15th. The event brought together professionals from various fields, including industry, government, academia, and research, to collectively discuss the causes and response procedures for environmental incidents.

Our distributor, Kaoten Scientific, showcased the iAeris air quality detector during this seminar, contributing practical applications to environmental monitoring.

Kaoten Scientific introduces the iAeris air quality detector

The significant themes of this seminar encompass the causes and response procedures of environmental incident cases, on-site demonstrations of joint defense organizations' response capabilities, recognition and awards for excellent organizational management in joint defense operations, and an exhibition of emergency response materials. Minister Xue Fusheng emphasized during his speech that this event serves as a crucial platform for enhancing the prevention management and response capabilities for environmental incidents. He underscored the importance of cooperation and consensus among the government, industry, and academia. The Minister expressed the hope that through such a platform, awareness and emphasis on industry collaboration for the prevention, preparedness, response, and mutual support among joint defense teams in environmental incidents would be heightened.

維新應用科技劉良賢副總 (左)
Vice President Sam Liu (on the left) of Sysinno Technology

Sysinno Technology actively supports the government's initiatives in environmental incident prevention activities, providing substantial assistance. The company is committed to ongoing research and development of the iAeris series air quality detectors, laying the foundation for a cleaner and healthier Earth for future generations. It is hoped that such efforts can be collectively promoted globally, opening a path full of hope for the prevention and response to environmental incidents.


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