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The First Air Quality Detector Running on Microsoft Azure Sphere

The iAeris series of indoor air quality detectors has partnered with Microsoft to become the world's first and only air quality detector utilizing the Microsoft Azure Sphere chip. This environmental solution provided by iAeris is not only applicable to various IoT applications such as smart factories and healthcare, ensuring their safety and efficiency, but it also aids in comprehensive control over future living and working spaces. Regarding the solution jointly launched by Sysinno Technology and Microsoft Azure Shphere, Mr. Spyros Sakellariadis from Microsoft stated: “The quality of the air we breathe has serious implications for our health, and monitoring indoor air quality has never been more important. Sysinno iAeris detectors with Azure Sphere support this use case without additional on-premises infrastructure, and integrate easily into a company’s Azure-based health monitoring dashboards.” Providing Precise Air Big Data Analysis with a Patented Software and Hardware Integrated Solution: iAeris is designed with the concept of Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things (IoT), streamlining data collection complexity and optimizing resource allocation at the system end. It delivers accurate algorithms and patented sensor technology to ensure swift recording and analysis of correct readings. With a minute-by-minute update frequency, it analyzes fine particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5), gases, total volatile organic compounds, and other atmospheric readings.

Efficiently Integrated with Microsoft Azure Cloud Functionality for High Performance and Reliability: The iAeris product integrates the Microsoft Azure Sphere chip, offering high-level information security and the capability to automatically execute application and firmware updates. This provides customers with heightened security and management convenience. Additionally, Microsoft Azure Sphere connects to the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure through AMQP, allowing users to discover IoT solutions for risk reduction, enhanced reliability, and responsiveness to meet diverse business application needs.


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