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You may wonder about which scenarios need an intelligent air quality solution, who needs to know the real-time air quality information and what are the benefits of knowing the air quality information.

In the past years, we have quite some experience of iAeris air quality detectors installed in different applications including public sector and enterprises.

These customers have something in common which is they all care about the surrounding air quality.

Many public spaces and service providers such as public libraries, national museums, private dental clinics, operating rooms in hospitals and temples have started to monitor the air quality. The common thing about these places is they all have one or several gases that may harm human’s health. For example, nitrous oxide and formaldehyde are used for treatments on patients in operating rooms and at dental clinics; however, these gases can be dangerous when overdosed. On the other side, popular sightseeing spots may want to monitor their carbon dioxide, temperature, relative humidity and fine particulate matter(PM2.5) to ensure they provide a nice and fresh atmosphere to their guests.

Besides, iAeris series is often used by instrumental experts and in museums because of its consistency across multiple devices. Needless to say an air quality detector is the first step of any automation solutions.


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