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The Resilience Demonstrated by iAeris Air Quality Detector Under Harsh Environmental Conditions

In the face of challenging environmental conditions, the iAeris air quality detector by Sysinno exhibits remarkable resilience, ensuring that you consistently obtain accurate and reliable air quality information. Whether it's in the cultivation of enoki mushrooms or livestock farming, our air quality detectors play a pivotal role.

Environmental Challenges and Smart Solutions: Enoki Mushroom Cultivation

In agricultural production, enoki mushroom cultivation is considered a challenging task, requiring the overcoming of various adverse environmental conditions. The environments where enoki mushrooms are grown are harsh, characterized by low temperatures, high humidity, and elevated carbon dioxide levels.

Among these challenges, controlling and monitoring mist is a critical task. Maintaining an appropriate moisture level is crucial throughout the growth process of enoki mushrooms.

However, accurately monitoring mist concentration has always been a challenging issue. In traditional enoki mushroom cultivation, farmers typically rely on experience and manual operations to adjust mist concentration. Nevertheless, modern technology has made this process more intelligent and accurate.

Finding the optimal growth pattern is another important concern. Different growth stages require distinct environmental conditions and management approaches. By utilizing sensors for detection, data analysis, and intelligent algorithms, the most suitable growth patterns can be determined based on the growth stage of enoki mushrooms, thereby increasing yield and quality.

The application of intelligent environmental monitoring extends beyond mist and growth pattern control; it encompasses the management of the entire cultivation environment. Exerting control over the cultivation environment to achieve optimal growth conditions is pivotal for every company. Through Sysinno's air quality detection system, environmental factors can be monitored and adjusted in real-time, ensuring the healthy growth of mushrooms.

Environmental Challenges and Smart Solutions: Livestock Farming Environment Monitoring

Livestock farming presents another domain with numerous challenges, as farm environments are often adverse due to factors such as animal hair, feathers, and excrement.

In this context, the application of various sensor data becomes crucial. Data such as temperature, humidity, PM2.5, carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, wind speed, wind direction, and real-time images can be collected and analyzed through an intelligent air quality monitoring system. The combination of this data helps farmers gain better insights into the farm environment, enabling them to establish optimal rearing conditions.

Another challenge is health monitoring. Analyzing real-time images can aid in detecting the health status of animals, including identifying any abnormal behavior patterns or physical characteristics, thereby enabling early detection of diseases or discomfort.

Furthermore, air quality detectors can be employed to monitor bio-gases. Animal excrement and urine on livestock farms can generate odorous gases, such as ammonia. Through Sysinno's air quality detectors, the concentration of these gases can be continuously monitored, allowing for timely adjustments to rearing conditions and ensuring a clean and healthy farm environment.

In summary, the application of air quality detection technology in the agricultural field is continually expanding. It not only assists farmers in overcoming challenges and enhancing production efficiency but also contributes to the sustainability and environmental friendliness


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