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Enhancing Indoor Air Quality in Semiconductor Factory

Successful Story | Leading semiconductor manufacturing factory

With various industries placing increasing importance on environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) issues, safeguarding the health and well-being of employees has become ever more crucial. This is especially true in environments like semiconductor factories where various gases are present, and employees are required to work for extended periods. To ensure the health of these employees, continuous monitoring of indoor air quality has become paramount.

Customer Needs and Challenges

As companies increasingly focus on ESG issues, semiconductor facilities have recognized the importance of providing a healthy indoor environment for their employees. The continuous presence of various gases within these facilities demands real-time monitoring of air quality. Real-time analysis of data and making informed decisions based on this data are crucial for maintaining employee health and well-being. Furthermore, the semiconductor manufacturing process itself can lead to indoor air pollution, further underscoring the necessity for comprehensive indoor air quality solutions.

Solution Implementation

To address these challenges, our client, a leading semiconductor manufacturer, has implemented a comprehensive indoor air quality monitoring and improvement system. They opted for the iAeris2 system, an advanced solution designed specifically for continuous monitoring of indoor air quality and facilitating data-driven decisions.

This solution includes:

  • Approximately 30-50 fixed wall-mounted units installed in the northern, central, and southern sections of the semiconductor factory

  • Additionally, around 6 units installed inside unmanned inspection vehicles within the factory

Integrated System:

  • Honeywell Backend Management System

For the installation of iAeris2 air quality detection equipment in the semiconductor factory, the Honeywell Backend Management System is employed. Utilizing this system, the semiconductor factory can efficiently analyze and manage the collected data, aiming for coordinated improvements.

Improvement Results

Real-time Air Quality Monitoring

With iAeris2 providing continuous and uninterrupted air quality data monitoring, the customer can have constant awareness of the air quality situation throughout the day. This reduces the risk of gaps in air quality data during periods when inspections are not conducted, rather than solely relying on data collected during inspections.

Reliable Data for Decision Making

The monitoring values from iAeris2 are accurate and trustworthy, offering the customer a dependable basis for judgment and decision-making. This prevents misjudgments or false alarm notifications caused by inaccurate monitoring data, thereby lowering the subsequent handling costs and the risk of emotional fluctuations.

Ensuring Data Integrity

Data transmission is stable and reliable, without occurrences of data loss or data gaps. Even in cases where data transmission is interrupted due to anomalies in the backend software system or communication, iAeris2 devices are equipped with large-capacity memory that allows synchronized storage of monitoring data. Once the system backend or communication is restored to normal, the devices will automatically allocate time slots for data retransmission based on communication availability. This ensures the integrity of customer data.

If you have any questions or need further consultation regarding air quality solutions, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are more than happy to provide you with professional assistance and advice.


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