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Environmental Protection Administration's Solution "Self-Managed" iAeris5 with Smart Notification

Sysinno, a leading innovator in air quality technology, is proud to introduce the iAeris 5 Air Quality Display series. Leveraging years of industrial-grade sensing expertise, iAeris 5 combines intelligent display capabilities with HDMI output. With a sleek design and clear information display, it presents real-time indoor air quality measurements in high-definition, serving as a crucial information dashboard for air quality management and decision-making. Environmental Protection Administration's "Self-management" Solution for Indoor Air Quality: Environmental Protection Administration's "Self-management" Solution for Indoor Air Quality: Following the Environmental Protection Administration's indoor air quality self-management certification system, which encourages establishments to create healthier air quality environments, the "Indoor Air Quality Self-Management Certification" was officially announced on July 2, 2021(Environmental Protection Administration News Section),The certification will be divided into two levels: Excellent and Qualified. Establishments achieving the Excellent level will not only receive recognition and honor but also enjoy benefits such as bonus points, extended testing intervals, and reduced testing points. To obtain the Excellent level certification, the Environmental Protection Administration encourages relevant establishments to install automatic monitoring equipment. Sysinno's iAeris 5, with its real-time continuous monitoring and storage capabilities, along with HDMI display output, provides immediate connection to the latest monitoring results. This enables establishments to display the results through electronic media during business hours, prominently placed within the premises or at entrances.

iAeris 5, suitable for use as an air quality display board in the nineteen designated public places:

According to the regulations of the Excellent Grade Management Badge, indoor spaces that need to comply with the Indoor Air Quality Management Act include the following nineteen types of places: universities and colleges, libraries, museums, medical institutions, social welfare organizations, government office spaces, railway stations, airports, mass transit system stations, financial institution premises, auditoriums, exhibition halls, cinemas, entertainment venues, shopping malls, sports and fitness centers, kindergartens, postnatal care facilities, and childcare centers. The design of iAeris 5 by Sysinno focuses on easy installation without the need for complex settings. Its AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) approach utilizes the most efficient detectors to collect environmental air quality data. Through AI algorithms, it optimizes and extracts real-time data, ensuring accurate and rapid recording and analysis of readings. This precision guarantees that iAeris reflects air quality data for PM2.5, PM10, and other atmospheric pollutants instantly and accurately. This capability will assist various locations in obtaining Excellent Grade certification and enjoying rewards such as evaluation bonuses, reduced testing frequency, and decreased testing points, as per the evaluation criteria.


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