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How to determine the surrounding air quality?

Sysinno wishes you a Happy Easter! Also hope you and your family are all staying safe and healthy. The coronavirus outbreak is getting severer; until this week, almost 2 million of people got diagnosed with coronavirus all over the world and it seems the number is still growing. In the meanwhile, many people have noticed that the air quality is improved during the lockdowns in many cities. Earth is taking a break, people say. Have you also noticed that the air you are breathing is slightly different because of less traffic and fewer human activities? During this difficult time, many of us have realized how important the air quality is, because air pollution likely to increase coronavirus death rate, read MORE. How to know which pollutants are reduced during these lockdowns and other events? Sysinno offers an air quality monitoring solution including the detection of multiple parameters by iAeris air quality detector, the broadcast software and together with the HDMI dongle KH01; it’s easy for you to monitor the surrounding air quality.

The Sysinno broadcast software not only displays the air quality information, but also presents the selected media. It perfectly suits any public spaces including commercial buildings, public sector, public transportation and so on.


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