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Real-Time Monitoring for Enhancing Air Quality in Shopping Center

Successful story | iFG shopping center

In bustling urban environments, shopping centers serve as primary destinations for relaxation, leisure, and shopping. Ensuring the health and safety of both customers and employees has become paramount. In this successful case study, we will delve into how Sysinno's air quality solution has been applied in real-world scenarios within shopping centers. This solution not only guarantees air quality but also enhances the overall environmental quality and customer experience.


Challenges at iFG Farglory Square:

Situated in a bustling urban area, iFG Farglory Square is a large-scale shopping center. However, due to the fast-paced urban environment and the increasing volume of foot traffic, ensuring high-quality indoor air quality has become a more intricate task. According to air quality regulations, this shopping center needed to implement a continuous monitoring system to measure crucial air quality parameters such as temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide.

Choice of Solution:

In order to address this challenge, iFG Farglory Square adopted iAeris2 air quality detectors as the core equipment for their monitoring system. This advanced device ensures precise data collection and is installed throughout different floors of the shopping center, spanning from the basement to the first and second floors, enabling comprehensive real-time air quality monitoring.

Benefits of Real-time Display:

To provide customers and employees with instant insights into air quality conditions, real-time data is displayed on informational boards, allowing individuals to stay up-to-date with air quality information in real time.

Solution Introduction

Installation Location Map

Comprehensive Benefits


Solution Introduction:

According to the project requirements of iFG Farglory Square, this solution utilizes VivaTech's iAeris2 indoor air quality detectors and KH01 screen controllers, along with additional 24-inch LCD screens.

The iAeris2 indoor air quality detector is one of the core components of the solution. This device is capable of accurately sensing crucial parameters such as temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide in indoor air. Its high-precision sensing technology ensures the accuracy and reliability of collected data, which is crucial for maintaining healthy air quality within the shopping center.

To enable real-time display of monitoring data, we chose the KH01 screen controller. This compact yet powerful device acts as a bridge between the iAeris2 indoor air quality detector and the 24-inch LCD screen. Through this controller, air quality detection values can be instantly showcased on the screen, creating an intuitive air quality information board.

24-Inch LCD Screen:

Another crucial element in this solution is the 24-inch LCD screen. By incorporating a high-definition LCD screen, we can vividly display real-time air quality data. This not only allows shopping center customers to stay informed about air conditions at all times but also enhances the overall shopping experience.

Furthermore, we have created installation location maps for each floor, allowing individuals to have a clearer understanding of the placement of iAeris2 indoor air quality detectors. This ensures comprehensive coverage for air quality monitoring.

Installation Location Map

Comprehensive Benefits

This solution not only enhances the customer experience within the shopping center but also ensures the health of employees. Simultaneously, by implementing a continuous monitoring system, iFG Farglory Square ensures compliance with relevant air quality regulations, demonstrating a commitment to environmental protection. Additionally, this solution contributes to raising public awareness about air quality and environmental preservation, promoting sustainable societal development. This successful case exemplifies how Sysinno's air quality solution can transform shopping centers into more comfortable and healthy environments.

If you have any questions or require further consultation regarding air quality solutions, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are ready to provide professional assistance and guidance.


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