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Sysinno iAeris3 air quality detector application in the gravel pit

Successful Story | Gravel Pit Application

iAeris3 在砂石場的應用


The gravel pit is a gravel extraction and processing plant located in Shulin District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. Due to the daily operations of the gravel pit, a large amount of dust is generated, leading to a decline in air quality, which poses a potential threat to the health of workers and nearby residents. Therefore, the gravel pit management decided to use Sysinno's iAeris3 outdoor air quality detector, along with a display monitor and sprinkler system, to achieve real-time monitoring and improvement of air quality.


The main products used in the gravel pit include:

  1. iAeris3 Outdoor Air Quality Detector: Responsible for real-time monitoring of the air quality in the gravel pit.

iAeris3 戶外空品偵測器

Outdoor Air Quality Detector

  • Detect Index:Temperature,、Relative Humidity、PM10、PM2.5、CO2、CO、TVOC、O3、SO2、NO2、NH3、H2S

  • 4G、NBIoT、WiFi、RS485

  • AC 110V~220V、12VDC

2. Display Monitor: Used to show real-time air quality data, allowing staff and visitors to understand the current air conditions easily.

3. Wi-Fi Wireless KR03 IoT Controller: Connects to the sprinkler system and automatically activates it to improve air quality when it exceeds safe levels.

KR03 互聯網控制器

KR03 IoT Controller

  • WiFi, RS485, dry contact input x2

  • RS485, relay (Relay) output x6

  • Barrier terminal block

  • Connection Status Indicator

  • Relay indicator

Deployment Process:

Installation of iAeris3 Outdoor Air Quality Detectors:

  • The detectors are installed at various locations within the gravel pit to ensure comprehensive monitoring of the air quality on site.

  • The detectors are connected to the KR03 controller via Wi-Fi.

Configuration of Display Monitors:

  • The monitors are installed at the entrances and working areas of the gravel pit, continuously displaying real-time air quality data.

  • This data includes temperature, humidity, PM10, and the concentration of air pollutants.

Automatic Sprinkler System:

  • When the iAeris3 detects that the air quality exceeds the set safety values, the Wi-Fi-connected KR03 controller automatically activates the sprinkler system.

  • The sprinkler system quickly sprays a fine mist to suppress dust, improve air quality, and ensure the environment meets safety standards.


  • Improvement in Air Quality: The activation of the automatic sprinkler system has effectively reduced the concentration of dust in the air, significantly improving the air quality in the gravel pit.

  • Enhanced Workplace Safety: Real-time monitoring and display of air quality data enable employees to stay informed about environmental conditions and take appropriate protective measures when necessary, thereby enhancing workplace safety.

  • Enhanced Sense of Social Responsibility: The gravel pit's proactive adoption of advanced environmental technologies not only safeguards the health of its employees but also reduces its impact on surrounding residents, thus enhancing the company's social image and responsibility.


The integration of Sysinno's iAeris3 outdoor air quality detector with the sprinkler system has provided the gravel pit with an efficient solution for monitoring and improving air quality. This not only enhances workplace safety but also demonstrates the company's commitment to social responsibility. Through this application, the gravel pit has successfully achieved a win-win situation of environmental protection and production efficiency.

Future Outlook:

The gravel pit plans to further optimize and expand the application of the iAeris3 system, including adding more detection points, introducing monitoring for additional pollutants, and integrating with other environmental technologies to continuously enhance the level of air quality management.

If you have any questions or need further consultation regarding air quality solutions, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are more than happy to provide you with professional assistance and advice.


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