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The world's first HDMI air quality detector

Sysinno practices ESG environmental sustainability with innovative technology.

With the arrow of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 already on the string, environmental protection is an urgent matter. Especially with frequent global extreme climate disasters, it serves as a warning to humanity. Nowadays, governments worldwide are not only implementing strict environmental policies but are also extending their focus to industries, compelling companies to actively pursue sustainable development goals, with a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability within ESG. To contribute to global environmental sustainability efforts, Sysinno, a subsidiary of YiDing International, announced today (14th) that it will assist companies in improving air quality as a necessary foundation for ESG implementation. This will be done through the world's first HDMI air quality detector, iAeris5 HDMI, which monitors up to nine air quality factors and combines AIoT cloud data analysis and smart device connectivity to effortlessly achieve environmental sustainability.

Plug and play, cloud-based smart energy-saving for comprehensive environmental protection

Lin Chun-Hui, General Manager of Sysinno Applications, said, "As the concept of global shared prosperity matures, ESG has become an important aspect of corporate operations. To this end, Sysinno Applications has created the world's first HDMI air quality detector, iAeris5 HDMI, to help companies take an important step toward implementing ESG sustainable development through the power of AIoT technology. With features such as HDMI plug-and-play, customizable dashboard display, and modular sensor design, it helps companies implement ESG without burden."

The ESG wave is surging, and safeguarding smart ESG green environments is urgent.

Monitoring air quality in companies not only creates a healthy and pollution-free working environment for employees but also achieves the energy-saving ability highly regarded in ESG through Sysinno iAeris5 HDMI. iAeris5 comes with three dry contact groups that can be linked to the fresh air and air conditioning systems. It supports various communication interfaces such as WiFi, Ethernet, RS485, and USB. It uploads and analyzes nine important environmental data points, including formaldehyde, particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5), volatile organic compounds (TVOC), carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, temperature, humidity, and ozone, to the cloud, thereby improving air quality and achieving smart energy savings. It helps companies gradually improve key ESG indicators.

In recent years, countries have attached increasing importance to air quality, and governments have enacted legislation for air pollution control to expedite implementation. Managing air quality is no longer an elective but a mandatory course for business operations. Taking Taiwan as an example, it has passed the "Indoor Air Quality Management Act" and promoted the "Self-Management" certification system, encouraging large and small businesses to actively monitor air quality conditions. Air quality has become an important environmental monitoring item not only for universities but also for medical institutions, metro stations, railway transportation, cinemas, and fitness centers. Sysinno hopes to help companies keep pace with policy developments quickly by installing convenient, plug-and-play iAeris5 HDMI air quality detectors. This extends to other industries as well, such as bustling hotels, restaurants, commercial offices, and apartment building public spaces, all of which should actively monitor environmental factors to maintain a comfortable and high-quality air environment, ultimately achieving a healthy and smart lifestyle through technology.


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